Polyester Tie Down Straps

STARRR Products manufactures polyester tie down straps, winch strap assemblies and auto, race car, equipment tie downs. By keeping a large supply of raw materials in stock or readily available for immediate shipment by our partners, STARRR Products is able to commit to any polyester tie down strap job no matter how large - - and assure on-time delivery. STARRR Products will custom design and engineer anything in polyester or nylon.

As a standard, STARRR Products produces slings utilizing 9800 pound-per-inch material. Medium weight and light weight slings are only produced on a contract basis.

STARRR Products’ 1, 2, 3, and 4 inch ratchet tie down strap units:

  • Flat Hook
  • Keeper Hook
  • Delta Ring
  • E-Track
  • Cluster Hook – R, T and J
  • Snap Hook
  • Twisted Snap Hook
  • Chain N Grab
  • Sling Hooks

Winch Strap Assemblies:

  • Flat Hook
  • Keeper Hook
  • Chain N Grab
  • Loop
  • Cluster Hooks
Tie Down Strap Personalization

Personalization & Identification Markings

STARRR products offers lettering and markings embedded within the strap material. By adding this feature, you can reduce stolen tie down straps or confusion of who's straps are who's with this simple and effective marking feature. These durable markings are designed to last providing easy identification of the strap's owner.

Ask about our Strap Personalization Feature
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STARRR Products is your one-stop call for your entire polyester down strap needs by working hard to make your job easier! Contact STARRR Products TODAY for solutions to your lifting, tie down or towing product needs. The STARRR Products 24-Hour Emergency Hot Line ensures that help will be there when it is needed; and by stocking 90% of products sold, STARRR Products has one of the best turn-around times in the industry. For more information about STARRR's Polyester Tie Down Straps call 724-283-7323 or click here to contact us online.

Hand Sewing Slings
Example of a Polyester
Tie Down Strap

Hand Sewing Slings
Lasso Straps

Hand Sewing Slings
Gator Strap (4 x 30)

E-Track Trailer Tie Down
E-Track Trailer Tie-Off

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