Nylon Lifting slings

Nylon Lifting SlingSTARRR Products produces nylon lifting slings in 1-12 inch wide and 1-4 plys thick to any length required including twisted eyes, flat eyes, reversed eyes and endless from 1” to 30”wide.

STARRR Products stocks a large quantity of eye and eye flat eye slings in one and two ply from 1-4 inch widths; and stocks endless slings in one and two ply in 1-2 inch widths. Most special order sizes are completed within 24-48 hours after receipt of order!

By storing a considerable supply of raw materials, STARRR Products delivers your nylon lifting slings in any size, and to any specification assuring on-time delivery.

As a standard, STARRR Products produces slings utilizing 9800 pound-per-inch material. Medium weight and light weight slings are only produced on a contract basis.

STARRR Products is your one-stop call for all your nylon lifting sling needs by working hard to make your job easier! Contact STARRR Products TODAY for solutions to your lifting, tie down or towing product needs. The STARRR Products 24-Hour Emergency Hot Line ensures that help will be there when it is needed; and by stocking 90% of products sold, STARRR Products has one of the best turn-around times in the industry.

How to Order Nylon Lifting Slings:

  • Step One: Select the style of slings
  • Step Two: Choose the type of hitch
  • Step Three: Determine the rate capacity
  • Step Four: Determine bearing to bearing length in feet
  • Step Five: Order sling by stock number

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Styles of Nylon Lifting Slings:

  • Triangle and Choker (TC) Style (Type One) Hardware at each end produces the most effective chocker hitch. Triangle and Choker Style may also be used in vertical and basket hitches.
  • Triangle and Triangle Style (Type Two) Hardware on each end and may be used in basket or vertical hitch.
  • Flat Eye and Eye (EE) (Type Three) Popular and versatile sling; may be used in vertical, choker and basket hitches. The Flat Eye and Eye style is easy to remove from underneath loads.
  • Twisted Eye and Eye (EE) (Type Four) Eyes turned at right angle to sling body. Twisted Eye and Eye Style forms superior choker hitch and allows better fit on crane hook in basket hitch.
  • Endless Style (EN) (Type Five) Economical and adaptable sling with no fixed wear points. The Endless Style is used in all hitches.
  • Reversed Eye Style (RE) (Type Six) Extremely strong and durable for continuous and/or abusive applications. With the Reversed Eye Style, wear pads are sewn onto both sides of the body.

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